Technical Services

Swallow Technical Service Team install & repair draught soft drink dispense equipment provided & owned by Swallow. Dispensing Pepsi & Pepsi light 10ltr BIB, own label Swallow lemonade, cola, diet cola, orange juice, cranberry juice, energy drink, orangeade, ginger beer, lime/orange/blackcurrant cordial all via 10ltr BIB system.

Swallow Tech Services was awarded the West Midlands sole contract for all Thwaites Brewery draught beer installations & repairs.

Swallow was also awarded sole contract for Aston Manor Cider Company installation & repair of their draught cider Kingstone Press & Kingstone Press Rosey.

Wells & Young’s, Estrella Damm & Thatchers Cider Company all draught beer & cider manufacturers employ Swallow Tech Services team to install & repair all products that Swallows sales team gain growth in.